Given the boom in fintech, several startups are mushrooming in the sector. This means all of them...

Benefits of Partnering With a Fintech Recruiter

Given the boom in fintech, several startups are mushrooming in the sector. This means all of them want to recruit talented professionals. There is a great demand for highly skilled, creative people with the potential to constantly innovate and lead exponential growth.

Table of Contents

  • The recruiter’s network becomes yours
  • Global outreach
  • Industry-specific experience and expertise
  • Brand champion
  • Customized recruitment
  • Getting the basics right

Not all startups and established companies are able to get their recruitment strategies and processes right from the word go. And scaling up in fintech needs to be very time-efficient. So, it makes sound strategic sense to partner with recruiters who have specialized skills to find and hire talent in the fintech sector.

Here are some key benefits of partnering with a fintech recruiter.

The recruiter’s network becomes yours

Conventionally, companies advertised for positions either directly or through agencies. Candidates applied. The applications were then screened and the best fits were recruited. But that world has changed a long time ago. Today, companies do not have either the luxury of time or the access to talent pools. This is where a well-networked recruiter comes in handy. A professional fintech recruiter’s network is often well-oiled and up-to-date. When you engage with such a recruiter, their network is instantly available to you. They are able to quickly match your requirements with the candidates available in their network. And so your recruitment process jump starts to processing a shortlist almost instantaneously.

Fintech recruiters are constantly organizing events and meets in the sector. This means that they are always in contact with high-quality talent. And as a company, this ready access to a quality talent pool is a boon for you.

Global outreach

Technology has crashed geographical barriers and made the business world smaller. Most fintech recruiters have a global network. And as you scale up your business, you can count on a fintech recruiter’s global outreach to help you connect with specialists in IT across the world. Once the introductions are made, you are all set to prospect a candidate’s fit to your role. The entire recruitment process happens in real time. This ability to access from a global talent pool and this agility to recruit them seamlessly serves as a key competitive advantage for your company.

Industry-specific experience and expertise

The fintech space is abuzz with creativity. Technology is what drives fintech. But creativity is what helps it stay cutting edge. This means that the people recruited in this space have to have technology and innovation embedded in their DNA. This, in turn, means that recruiters have to have the ability to spot people with these traits. Generalist recruiters cannot do this effectively. You need people with experience and expertise in fintech to be able to do this. And this strength is what a fintech recruiter brings to the table. It is a value proposition that you cannot quite refuse.

Brand champion

A fintech recruitment partner is an ambassador for your company. They champion your company’s vision, values and culture. You sure can do this. But when a third party endorses your company’s goodness, candidates often value it more. So, a fintech recruitment partner is not just helping recruit the best talent for you; they are also championing your brand among so many other prospects in their candidate pool.

Customized recruitment

When business leaders in fintech are asked to highlight their key pain areas, one that receives the highest mention is getting the right talent to fit the roles that are waiting to be filled. A good fintech recruitment partner firm’s CEO is able to quickly understand a business leader’s requirements. That’s because this CEO is a business leader too. They understand what needs to be done. And they get their team to deliver on your company’s mandate swiftly and efficiently. This makes the recruitment process highly customized. It is, in fact, tailor-made for your company.

Getting the basics right

Fintech firms thrive on technology and design. So, people who are recruited by fintech companies must have an outlook, and not just the qualifications, that fits this requirement. You may find many technically skilled candidates in the market. But not all of them can create fintech products that blend the best of technology and design.

The other area in fintech that requires focus concerns recruiting sales-driven people. Fintech companies need people with great selling skills. Not all of the sales people out there understand technology. It requires a special eye to spot those that fit fintech roles.


Fintech is changing the business landscape like never before. Just consider the range of impact that fintech has delivered in the last two decades. These are all the key processes that have been transformed by fintech:

  • Mobile banking.
  • Payments.
  • Consumers’ buying experience.
  • Insurtech.
  • Loan sourcing.
  • Loan disbursement.
  • Billing workflow.
  • Risk mitigation.
  • Crypto.

A sharp fintech recruiter will know exactly how to source both types of talent – ones that have technology and design skills and those that have sales skills.

If a fintech firm can’t get its basic recruitment strategy right, a lot, repeat a lot, can go wrong with its growth strategy. This is why a good fintech recruiter is an indispensable partner.

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