Xpheno promises to be your trusted Partner for C-Suite Leadership Searches. Through an unwavering commitment to both our clients and candidates, we identify leaders who drive transformation and accelerate growth.

Executive Search 

Leaders across industries, functions

Xpheno promises to be your trusted Partner for C-Suite Leadership Searches. Through an unwavering commitment to both our clients and candidates, we identify leaders who drive transformation and accelerate growth.

The cornerstone of our efficacy in leadership identification is our extensive familiarity with a range of industries, and their internal dynamics. We are updated with the evolving business environments and related demands of leadership styles and competencies 

Our Leadership Hiring Experience

Over the last 6 years, we have addressed several complex Executive Search assignments, which were characterised by unique challenges, by unblocking critical dimensions of the Search. 

While our approach is exhaustive, we do not compromise on the speed, and we are agile to align with our clients’ needs.

Our areas of expertise are:

  • CEO/COO ( Management Heads )
  • Business Heads  ( EVP/SVP/VP )
  • Functionals Heads ( Finance, HR, Marketing, Legal,Supply Chain )
  • Information and Technology Heads (Engineering, Architecture, Product, Infrastructure, Data)
  • Site Leaders for Global Capability Centres

Xpheno’s Executive Search has capability to align with your organizations’ special needs such as Interim Management Searches, Searches for Diversity, Board Constitution, and International Searches


Executive Search Gameplan

We understand that executive search is a high-stakes investment. Competent senior executives can impact a quantum leap on an enterprise and its bottomline. The Xpheno process for Executive Search involves research as the execution engine and data as the rocket fuel. We rely on deep local market knowledge and team of proactive search specialists across key locations in the country to search differently, and effectively.

Our data expertise comes from a dedicated research team trained to find a treasure trove of candidates that enables us to separate the signal from the noise. Effective brand positioning and professional networks at leadership level ensure that we identify the highest caliber candidates. Here’s how we develop our project plans and search strategies:

Detailing the Mandate

To find the perfect candidate for your team, we first gain a comprehensive understanding of the job requirements. We engage with stakeholders, study your company culture and supporting documents, and hold meetings to understand the enterprise values and mission. 

Armed with this knowledge, we create an assignment dossier that outlines the job’s requirements and responsibilities and the ideal candidate persona. This ensures everyone involved knows exactly what’s needed for a perfect fit. And if it’s a new role, we leverage our extensive experience in the field to provide valuable guidance and recommendations regarding the type of candidate best suited for the position. 

Developing a Search Strategy

Our Executive search strategy involves competitive analysis, market benchmarking, candidate identification, and prospect research and qualification from our active and passive pool of executive talent. Through our research capability and a strong network of industry connections, we find candidates with the right set of skills and culture fit for the leadership position. The steps involve:  

  •   Industry and Companies Mapping
  •   Planning the Sourcing Mix and Managing the Process
  •   Creating a Sample List of Qualified Candidates
  •   Project Plan with timelines, Weekly meetings

Candidate Assessment

Next comes a rigorous investigative process to identify leaders that can be trusted to deliver the enterprise vision and increase performance. Profiling and decision-making is based on the specific requirements of each business and strategy. And we ensure forensic due diligence for risk management that arises from senior leadership. Our deliverables at this stage involve:

  • Preliminary connect and sharing of search documents
  • Detailed assessment of fitment and interest
  • Present the top 3 candidates along with a Candidate Evaluation Report
  • Assisting in the interview process that involves de-briefing, scheduling and feedback. 

Candidate reference check and psychometric testing:

We conduct comprehensive reference checks on behalf of our clients and provide them with a detailed summary of the feedback received. Our reference check covers various critical areas, such as: 

Candidate’s technical expertise

Interpersonal skills

Planning and organizational abilities

Communication proficiency (both written and verbal)

Problem-solving acumen

Areas of proficiency

Areas for improvement

Noteworthy accomplishments in their past roles

Reasons for leaving their previous job

Whether their former employer would recommend them and provide reasons for their endorsement.

Furthermore, the reference check includes verifying professional qualifications and work permits for candidates under serious consideration. We also collaborate with industry experts to offer psychometric testing services, if desired by the client.  

Assignment Closure and Hand-holding

To make selection and onboarding a collaborative and collegial process, we act as intermediaries between companies and candidates. Upon selection, we begin offer negotiation, confirm the acceptance and the joining date of the candidate and perform other pre-joining candidate engagement activities.

We stay connected with the new hire during the initial 90 days, facilitating a seamless and professional onboarding process. By minimizing the potential for misunderstandings and ensuring clarity throughout the recruitment process, we ensure a positive and fulfilling employee experience from the outset to bolster the morale of the employee and the retention rate of the organization.


Finance Controller for newly formed NBFC funded by top 2 PE Funds in the Country


VP Personal Care for top OTT Platform. A Search which pinned down an odd combination of  top pedigree and multi functional expertise. Involved extensive mapping of 150 potential candidates.


Global Head FPNA for a Investment Banking Technology firm

Problem Statement The client had just received the license for NBFC which required a Finance Controller with a specific skill to redress regulatory body queries while setting up the NBFC. This was a case of unusual disruptive NBFC startup. Hence, it required a Controller with sufficient experience of working in an NBFC and having handled all regulatory body queries satisfactorily.

ApproachWe mapped three layers of Finance Systems of young NBFCs i.e. those who have got licenses in the last 5 years on the premise and that atleast one of the people in the three layered system would have RBI query handling experience for the new set-ups.

About 12 candidates were mapped out in a span of 3 days and out of the 3 candidates who were interviewed, we concluded the reference check and offer within the 10th day of receiving the mandate.

When Speed and Skill matter

With our focus on quick TAT scores and highly customized and process-driven recruitment, we ensure time-bound efficiency, cost-effectiveness and laser-focused recruitment decisions to find high-caliber candidates. Our expert recruiters deliver a slate of high-caliber candidates with the right mix of business knowledge, skills, and expertise along with the requisite cultural fit. We also rely on knowledge management and industry research-led operations which give us market knowledge and industry expertise that helps us bring the expected results. This has helped us deliver fast and excellent results across multinational, global captives, Startups, and several sectors and industries. 

When Scale and Quality matter

Our client relationships range from global conglomerates to medium-sized organizations to growing startups in India. Our vast expertise in hiring game-changing senior executives in each major industry sector and functional area has been built through a dedication to thoroughly understand and examine our client’s requirements, strategy and culture. Based on these things, we offer bespoke allied services to help our clients to hire leaders that meet their strategic business goals and objectives.

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