How to choose a career in agritech

Agritech deals with new, innovative, cutting-edge technology that helps increase the efficiency and yield in agricultural operations.

Agritech thrives on the principle of growing more food, at lower costs, with fewer inputs, and in a shorter time. It employs technology like artificial intelligence (AI) and IoT, through a host of applications, to achieve some remarkable outcomes.

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  • Agritech is growing by leaps and bounds
  • Agritech is a massive opportunity space
  • Agritech careers that are in high demand
  • The agritech superhero

Agritech is growing by leaps and bounds

Globally, the agritech industry was US $ 17.5 billion in 2019. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.1 percent to touch US $ 35 billion in 2025, and US $ 41 billion in 2027.

The agritech market in India was US $ 2.4 billion in 2020. It is likely to grow ten-fold and touch US $ 24 billion by 2025. More than 1000 startups are expected to contribute to this growth with a GVA of 56 %.

Agritech is a massive opportunity space

India’s agritech investments have been growing at a CAGR of 53 %. They have touched US $ 330 million in 2020, up from US $ 91 million in 2017. Resultantly, entrepreneurs, technically-qualified specialists and venture capitalists are joining the agritech bandwagon. Startups in the space are attracting talent in droves. People who can use technology to design innovative agriculture management systems are in great demand in the sector. Agritech businesses are ramping up aggressively to recruit highly-qualified people. If you are qualified in a technology that can create and add value to farmers’ lives, then you are the one that the agriculture sector is looking for.

Agritech careers that are in high demand


Water is the elixir of life. Living organisms on the planet thrive on the use of, and availability of, water. Hydrologists have a singular mission: To provide safe and clean drinking water to people all over the world. So, hydrologists study the physical characteristics, distribution and availability of clean surface and subsurface water. These professionals are also closely engaged with the study of environmental protection and sustainability practices.

Drone specialists

Technologists who specialize in drones have an important role to play in agritech. They help farmers with increasing productivity and limiting crop damage. They employ robots, sensors and aerial photography techniques to enhance efficiency. Additionally, the process of gathering information and making decisions becomes sharp and precise.

Food scientists

Food scientists use new scientific methods and concepts to develop new foods and embellish old ones. They continuously explore the nutritional value and worth of existing foods. They also adopt innovative practices to make processed foods safer and healthier. They are essentially adventurous people – they are constantly pushing boundaries, innovating, discovering and inventing ways to make, preserve and serve foods.


They are crop physicians. They use modern scientific tools and methods to improve soil management, soil control and agricultural productivity. This helps farmers improve soil health and enhance plant nutrition. Agronomists are key facilitators. They act as the crucial link between technology and farming.

Advocates and communicators

These are people who promote the exchange and discussion of ideas in the agritech space. They pick on key themes linked to agriculture. They then use established science communication frameworks to reach audiences with agriculture and non-agriculture backgrounds. Advocates and communicators are essentially storytellers. They share thought-provoking stories that spark debates and start meaningful conversations.

Data scientists

In today’s world, every action involving the use of technology generates data. A data scientist mines large amounts of data and converts them into useful information that aids decision-making. Data scientists in agritech collate data and put their analysis to work on making life simpler for the farmers. Data-driven forecasts makes predicting weather and crop conditions sharper. This leads to reliable advisories and forecasts being generated. This saves time, costs and enables better management of farms. These scientists use techniques like agri-analytics to drive higher yield and profitability.

The agritech superhero

You can join agritech and make a name for yourself in a short span of time. But there’s a bigger opportunity to create value and make a difference. There’s an opportunity to be a superhero and it is waiting for you.

Now, what does it take to be a superhero in agritech?

First, you need to bring the attitude of a space explorer. You must have the hunger in you to understand the sector, and seek more knowledge and experience in it.

Second, you must have the ability to imagine the use of cutting-edge technology in designing and developing new farm management practices. This requires you to have the mind of a technologist and the heart of an agriculturist.

Third, you must have the discipline and the diligence to be a subject matter expert. Whether you are a food scientist, a hydrologist, a data scientist, an agronomist, a drone specialist or an advocate or communicator, you must have complete mastery of the field. This comes from investing hours and hours of time in training and skilling yourself.

The agritech sector combines the best of two worlds that impact human life in a very emphatic manner. One is agriculture, on which we humans have been dependent for as long as there has been life on the planet. Of course, needless to say, we will be dependent on agriculture forever. And the other is technology, on which human life will be dependent for as long as there is life on the planet. Engaging in the agritech space means you have an opportunity to contribute to human life in an extra-special way. You truly have the opportunity to be an agritech superhero.

The industry is waiting for you

Recruitment firms are scouting for highly talented professionals in the agritech space. The government is supporting the growth in agritech by launching several schemes for farmers and entrepreneurs who are entering the sector. The agritech startup ecosystem is thriving.

If you have the right skills and announce your availability, you will be welcomed in agritech with open arms.

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