Most managers do not find time to train freshmen from scratch since they come with no experience or expertise.

The Difference Fresher Hiring Makes for Enterprises

Different companies have different strategies for hiring talent. Some companies prefer hiring experienced candidates because it is easier to train them. Most managers do not find time to train freshers from scratch since they come with no experience or expertise. Companies have to invest heavily in training them to get them job-ready.

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  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to train
  • Easy to mold
  • Tech-savvy and globally connected
  • Commitment to work
  • Good work-culture
  • Conclusion

However, one of the key benefits a fresher offers a new company is a fresh perspective and new skill sets. Most freshers are either millennials or Gen Zs. They are highly driven, motivated and keen for new opportunities. Freshers also mostly come with some experience of internships and so they do have some idea of how companies work. Many of them are active on social media and online platforms and so they are acquainted with the latest trends, user interfaces and user experience.

Apart from all this there are many other reasons why companies would do well to hire freshers:


Freshers not only come with a keenness to learn and with a lot of fresh ideas but they are also willing to start with a lower salary. Startups and companies with tight purse strings would benefit a lot from hiring freshers when compared to experienced candidates.

Easy to train

Freshers are waiting to grow and they learn very fast. They are hardworking, driven and are more focussed. They are receptive to training compared to experienced people who believe they already know everything. Millennials are also good multi-taskers and will be willing to handle multiple responsibilities easily. Also, since they are good with technology, a little bit of training supplemented by induction manuals and presentations are enough for them to pick up skills. Freshers are also open to hearing feedback about their work and learn and correct the way they work. This is a huge plus point since they know they have not worked anywhere earlier and are willing to learn.

Easy to mold

Since they haven’t worked anywhere before, it is easy to mold freshers to the policies and culture of your organization easily. This is unlike experienced people who come with baggage and have to unlearn work habits. Once you familiarize freshers with the way your company works, they will be great contributors with ideas and new ways to work.

Tech-savvy and globally connected

Millennials and Gen Z have grown up with technology and are very familiar with using it and with trends. They can visualize how to do things with technology very easily and can visualize trends and customer preferences. They are great additions to teams that deal with product development, user experience, and digital marketing where technology plays a major role. Also, thanks to their presence on social media, freshers are connected to their peers globally. They are aware of global trends and user experiences and come up with ideas that you may not even be aware of!

Commitment to work

Since, it’s their first job, most freshers are hardworking, committed and ambitious. They want to build a good career for themselves and will go out to prove themselves. They are constantly looking for learning opportunities and so will go the extra mile to learn and improve their resumes. Also, when a large pool of freshers is hired in one go, they bond well among themselves and create hard-working teams that grow together.

Good work-culture

Freshers bring an aggressive culture to their work. Since they don’t know how the company works or who does what, they keep office politics to a minimum. They are not part of any group and do not have prejudices at work. This can impact profitability and productivity positively.


Young people are waiting for a chance and given one, they will work hard to prove themselves. Freshers can be molded well and they will learn and grow to fill leadership positions in the future. They turn into valuable assets that understand the vision and the culture of the organization well.
Freshers might lack professionalism at first, and that can place a challenge for management and enterprises. But once you allow them to adapt and learn, they can grow to be valuable assets for the organization
Since lateral hires and freshers both come with their own sets of merits and demerits, it is probably a great idea to have a mix of both and hire based on the job requirement. This will help build an effective team.
Recruiting and selecting candidates is a difficult task for most businesses, which highlights the importance of a specialized recruitment firm.
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