2019 went into history as the year when India produced almost 1 Unicorn every month. Going into 2020, the parade of the Indian Unicorns seemed all set to be a bigger and grander affair. 2020 also opened with a longer list of Soonicorns all set for their Unicorn upgrade. Then came COVID like a thorn in the hooves of the Unicorns and Soonicorns. The unprecedented global lockdowns and simultaneously market pause stunned many Industries and Enterprises. Fathoming the shock took a quarter and more before any thought and talk of recovery could emerge.
Aggressive growth plans and business models of Unicorns and Soonicorns were put to test without warning. Talent acquisition plans and competitive compensation structures to attract and retain high end talent were challenged.

How did the Indian Unicorns & Soonicorns manage their Talent Acquisition and Headcount Growth amidst the COVID challenge? Was it all gloom and doom, or were silver linings seen on the human capital front? We dig into the Talent Dimensions of 30 Unicorns and 50 Soonicorns of India in their COVID Run.

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