Ready to Co-create?

Influencing careers gives you a high? Do you like to converse with people, understand the nuances of large corporates and solve their talent puzzle and also like making new relationships? Seems like, your career aspiration possibly matches Xpheno’s search for Co-Creators.

How did you choose to work with your past employers? Right salary, great title, inspiring boss and fulfilling roles must be some of them. We too selected our ex-organisations with a similar checklist. Seldom did we find all of them come together in a single employer.

Our First few Hires

Xpheno started by hiring senior leaders who brought Functional and Industry expertiseOur leaders then hired a combination of experienced and Newbies to create a blend of experience and youth together. In IT, Automobile Engineering, Consumer Durables, BFSI we have experts serving our customers. Our leaders are passionate about building new businesses and that brought them to Xpheno. Our younger workforce believe they can learn and benefit from the growth opportunities we can provide as we scale up

Xpheno is on a journey to build a large specialist staffing company. We would prefer aspirants who bring Specialism in any of the staffing domains or the passion to grow their career in the Staffing Industry.

X Factors @ Xpheno

Xpheno can be a learning opportunity to work with some of the best Staffing Leaders who co-created the industry. That sounds pompous? probably yes! Because we couldn’t find a humbler way of saying the truth.Growth is another key factor! In a short span of time, we have expanded into 5 cities in India and continue to grow. High visible brand in the staffing space. We also believe in collective wealth creation. Our long-term and impactful employees will benefit financially. We have earmarked a significant portion of our Equity as ESOPs to our key leaders and employees.

Next Steps

We make our decisions known fast for predetermined opportunities. People who think on their feet, make their decisions fast are the ones Xpheno would like to bet on.

Most of all, to build a new specialist brand we need people who have guts to back their skills.

Browse through our website in detail to get a fair understanding of what we are trying to achieve. Once you have done that please apply for relevant positions advertised.

We are in the journey of shaping the career of millions. This might well be your ticket to build India’s largest specialist staffing company.

Current Openings

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