When speed is everything!

When a Fortune 500 Product Company says that they need to hire DevOps Engineers on Contract on an immediate basis from marquee Product companies what do you do?

You ask them to consider people who are already working on contract who are easy to hire. No, the Employer wanted to hire Talent who could eventually be their FTEs. So the ask was to convince High skilled DevOps engineers already on Full-Time Employment mode with their competitors to give it a shot.

Xpheno’s IT Staffing team went about this project in such a way that over the next 4 weeks, we had a smiling client. Today whether the client needs UI/UX, Full Stack, Automated Testing, or Data Engineers, the first call comes to Xpheno. That sounds like bragging. We hope that the client of ours is not reading this. They may still forgive we patting our own back as we have put more than 50 specialized Engineers to work with them in a few weeks.

Yeah…it’s all about speed!

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