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Technology Professionals on Contract2Hire


India’s Technology sector is well set on its march towards the US$ 350 Billion mark by the end of 2025. Reaching this milestone from the current US$ 200 Billion will involve doubling the tech workforce to a 10 Million headcount. This doubling of the workforce is non-negotiable unless the current linearity of the tech workforce is disrupted by large-scale digitization across the board. The growth challenge will only be further complicated by an ever-changing spectrum of specialist tech stacks. Over the rest of the decade, the tech workforce’s growth will also cyclically, and more frequently, make more skillsets redundant. With all these conditions in play, Tech Enterprises, large and micro alike, will encounter an equally challenging landscape in acquiring and retaining tech talent.

Under these rapidly changing conditions, a purely in-sourced talent acquisition model will only slow down an enterprise. Enterprises will need strong recruitment and staffing partnerships to access just-in-time specialist talent. Staffing partnerships are also necessary to keep the workforce dynamic & future-proofed with evolving tech stacks. End-to-end staffing partnerships provide the agility required and commercial advantage to enterprises in the game.

Xpheno’s IT


We have assembled a highly experienced team of talent and recruitment specialists who know the tech sector and tech talent like the back of their hands. Our IT Staffing practice holds a carefully handpicked crew of specialists from some of the marquee global and Indian IT recruitment and staffing brands. Led by senior leaders with nearly two decades of experience, the team has a well-balanced mix of senior managers, team leads and junior members. Supported by a suite of sourcing, assessment and workflow tools, the IT recruitment team provides a sophisticated experience to both talent and customers. The team delivers on its staffing promise as a true specialist staffing firm with a research-centric approach to the business.

The Xpheno IT Recruitment Playbook

We harness the potential of people, processes and technology to deliver specialized talent profiles suited to your business needs and priorities in a rapid and seamless manner.

Contract2Hire Staffing Model

The Xpheno Contract2Hire staffing model enables us to turn around talent profiles within hours while our technology clients have the flexibility to choose between 15-day and 30-day staffing cycles for certain key and niche skills.

Direct Staffing Model

We believe and understand the need for our clients to experience a trial before hire model in order to ensure the appropriate skill-organization-culture fit with prospective candidates.

Tracked and Monitored with NPS

Our IT Recruitment is monitored, optimized and driven by our clients’ Net Promoter Score(NPS) that keeps us on our toes and enables accountability, impact, and efficiency across the hiring process.

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Sundar Eshwar

IT Staffing

We are onto an exciting challenge as part of the Next 5 Million addition to the Indian tech workforce. We have achieved a good spread of clientele across key cohorts of IT Services, IT Products, GICs and Funded Tech Startups, with varying demands on hiring volume and velocity. We continue to learn, grow and train ourselves to deal with emerging conditions and are well set to be a significant contributor to the tech talent ecosystem in India.




Enabling a product team in 4 weeks for a Fortune 500 product company

One of the most significant IT staffing challenges we faced till date was to staff the product team of a Fortune 500 company within a month’s time. Today, as we have placed more than 50 specialized and talented engineers to work with them in the last few months, our approach and strategy has proven to be effective in enabling rapid onboarding.

Challenge: When a Fortune 500 Product Company says that they need to hire DevOps Engineers on Contract on an immediate basis from marquee Product companies what do you do? You ask them to consider people who are already working on contract who are easy to hire. No, the Employer wanted to hire Talent who could eventually be their FTEs. So the ask was to convince High skilled DevOps engineers already on Full-Time Employment mode with their competitors to give it a shot.

Solution: Xpheno’s IT Staffing team went about this project in such a way that over the next 4 weeks, we had a smiling client.

Outcome: Today whether the client needs UI/UX, Full Stack, Automated Testing, or Data Engineers, the first call comes to Xpheno. That sounds like bragging! The client of ours may still forgive us patting our own back as we have put more than 50 specialised Engineers to work with them in the last few months.

When Speed is Everything!

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What are your offerings in IT staffing services?

We provide businesses with a quick, easy and scalable means to access highly skilled specialist tech talent to support mission-critical IT and ITES operations and goals. We call this extended workforce members as Techpros. Xpheno’s IT staffing services include recruitment and staffing of IT specialists and additional technology resources based on the enterprise's requirements.

We deploy IT professionals on a Contract and Contract2Hire model that augments existing in-house teams of clients. Our customers also have the option to absorb contracted Techpros for full-time engagement on grounds of performance and other enterprise requirement parameters.

What types of skilled IT resources does Xpheno IT Staffing services offer?

Xpheno offers specialists with a range of IT skills for tech companies, based on the demand signals for specific skill groups and geography.

We provide App Development skills such as Full Stack, Front End, Back End, as well as DevOps Engineers with expertise in AWS and Azure. We also provide resources with UI/UX design skills, Data Analysts, Python Developers, Data Scientists, BI Analysts, Hadoop and Bigdata Engineers, and experts in SQL for integration, reporting, analysis, and multidimensional cube development.

We also provide Specialised ERP consultants, including SAP Technical Consultants with expertise in ABAP, HANA, BODS, BW, NetWeaver, Basis Solman, ABAP- Webdynpro and SAP Functional Consultants skilled in SD, EWM-LE, WM, PLM, APO, MDM, PM, QM, MM.

Our IT infrastructure experts are skilled in network administration, technical support engineering, SRE, SQL/Oracle administration, IAM, SCM, NOC support, SharePoint administration, IT security, Linux with cloud platform, SAN, SAM, and expertise in AWS and Azure.

How do you ensure that you provide IT talent that meets my requirements right on time?

Xpheno leverages the power of people and streamlined procedures to spot and deploy talent that suits enterprise needs. Our IT talent pipeline includes an internal database of over 50K assessed and ready-to-deploy resources. This enables us to turn around certain talent profiles within hours from receiving the requirement mandate. This access and speed give our customers the flexibility to opt for a 15 to 30-day onboarding time frame. Our talent specialists also go beyond our internal candidate sources and scout across India to find the right fit candidates for the tech stack requirements and the role.

How do you ensure that the candidates deliver on our expectations and standards?

At Xpheno, we have a rigorous pre-employment screening process where we employ a combination of technology-enabled and non-linear processes, along with our recruitment expertise, to make accurate candidate assessments. Our team of Talent Specialists, trained to identify and evaluate top tech talent, ensures that we find the best possible candidates to suit the requirements. Further, we work closely with client end Managers to assess our candidate’s performance to check and ensure they are aligned with our client's expectations. Xpheno’s quality assessment process ensures that our Techpros always meet the client's expectations and service level agreements.

How do you track and measure recruitment and staffing project performance and report to your clients?

We have effective data systems and a dedicated team of specialists that tracks and monitors processes, productivity, and output. We continuously monitor relevant KPIs and conduct timely audits and reviews to measure project performance. Our clients get weekly and monthly reports on the metrics dashboard curated for them.

The robust quality assessment process helps us to measure the effectiveness of our recruitment efforts. Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Employee Satisfaction Score (ESS) are other important key metrics we track to leverage feedback across touchpoints.

Can you help in upskilling your candidates in certain tech stacks

Yes! For certain niche skill requirements, we offer a Near Fit Talent Supply model. The workflow of this model includes our team mapping talent pools, adjacency maps, and upskilling plans on N-1 tech stacks based on alignment with client requirements. For example, a professional with C, C++ and Embedded tech stack has to be upskilled in Autosar. We source, validate, interview, and conduct assessments of candidates from our internal database, the National Qualifying Test, and technology schools. Further, we conduct inductions to effectively onboard the selected candidates and track their training calendar to review their learning progress. We work with candidates at every step of the way so that they get successfully trained to fulfill the skill requirement.

Can you provide a reference to the quality of your IT staffing services?

We have a lot of case studies of our clients that we would love to share with you! Contact us to know about them and take the next steps together!

What are the service charges for Xpheno’s IT Staffing solutions?

At Xpheno, we use bill-rate models for our IT Staffing services, which include hourly, day-rates, and monthly bill rates. We offer both industry-standard commercial models and customized commercial structures. Drop us a note about you and your hiring needs and our team will provide you with further information.

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