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2023 Recruitment Hacks: Look for people who fit your culture, Optimize recruitment process with data, Strengthen your employer brand, and Hire smarter with AI

It is a tedious job to sift through job applications and resumes. Imagine if there were “hacks” that could help you find the right candidates who could be a great fit right from the start. There are many ways in which you can hire smarter than your competitor and get the top talent on board very smartly.

Table of Contents

  • Look for people who fit your culture
  • Optimize recruitment process with data
  • Strengthen your employer brand
  • Treat candidates like your customers
  • Hire smarter with AI
  • Set up a referral program
  • Hire based on values and character
  • Write a clear, optimized, job listing
  • Recruit people who are not looking for a job

Look for people who fit your culture

Be clear about your recruitment needs and the skills required for the position. Use a candidate assessment tool that will eliminate non-performing candidates automatically. Since evaluating and screening applicants involves time and money, this is a hack that can be extremely helpful. The other way is to look for people who already fit your culture. That way you will not need to change them and they are a ready fit and you don’t need to work on changing who they are.

Optimize recruitment process with data

Screening candidates provides valuable insights but often this is mired in manual processes which make maintaining, processing and interpreting data very difficult. Instead, if you can compile, organize and get data into customizable reports using talent assessment tools, it is easier to make data-driven hiring decisions. These assessment reports and tech can give you in-depth analysis of top and average performers, number of candidates who appeared, tests and comparable candidate reports.

Strengthen your employer brand

A strong employer brand will engage with potential candidates. Focus on creating a positive candidate experience and showcase the company culture to candidates. Ensure that all candidate communication, instructions and details on your website provide the candidate with a better idea of your organization. Every action of yours should show the candidate how dedicated you are to providing a positive candidate experience.

Treat candidates like your customers

Candidates evaluate a job prospect and when the candidate experience gives them an idea of what it would be like to work in an organization, it encourages and helps them make a decision in favor of working in that organization. Using certain recruitment tools, you can give candidates the flexibility to appear for a test at their convenience. Tools like this will indicate that you care and value their time and busy schedule.

Hire smarter with AI

Recruiters keep aligning their strategies to improve their quality of hire but many are not able to fill these positions in time. Candidate sourcing, interview, candidate engagement, declined job offers, high competition, recruitment budget management and high turnover crowd your plate and you are not able to work effectively. The solution is to use AI to automate tasks like sourcing, some interview processes, candidate screening, recruitment marketing and communication. AI can save a significant amount of time and make you highly productive and efficient in your recruitment strategy.

Set up a referral program

Put in place a robust referral program to find new hires. Set up a rewards program for team members and the hires after specific milestones. A sign-on bonus for team members who bring in referrals that stay on beyond six months is very attractive and encourages team members to bring in referrals and bring friends who are experienced, professional and willing to work. Tapping alumni associations is also a good way to find qualified candidates.

Hire based on values and character

Rather than work experience, look for values and character of the potential hire. Look for integrity, efficiency, tenacity, and compassion. Have a simple conversation with the candidate and observe how authentic they are and how they navigate their personal and professional worlds. While work experience is important, these traits will give a good insight into hiring someone who we know will fit in effortlessly into your organization.

Write a clear, optimized, job listing

Your job listing should be of high quality, have a clear description, state clearly the roles and duties of the position so that qualified candidates can apply. When people understand what is required of the position, they are more likely to apply. This will also enable more qualified people to apply. 

Recruit people who are not looking for a job

Passive candidates are those that are not looking for a job. To attract such people, HR teams use social media. It enables you to find successful candidates and tell them about the open positions in your organization. Often this is a good way to approach passive candidates and completely negates the expense of the recruitment process.
To win the recruitment game, you need to understand the key trends and identify quick ways to hire smarter.

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