Best Programming Languages for Fintech in 2022

The words “financial technology” are commonly abbreviated as fintech.

Fintech is a term that refers to computer programs and other technology used to support or enable the operation of banking and financial services. Initially, the term applied to the technology employed in the back-end systems of established financial institutions. ​More recently, there has been a shift to more consumer-oriented services. Fintech now includes different sectors and industries such as retail banking, fundraising and non-profit, and investment management, to name a few.

A programming language is a method by which programmers (developers) communicate with computers.  A program is a set of instructions written in a particular language (for example, C, C++, Java, Python) to achieve a particular task. Programming languages consist of instructions for computers. If you are interested in working for a fintech company, listed below are some programming languages that can prepare you for a job in that industry.


Python is an easy and popular programming language for beginners because of its readability. It is widely used in fintech. It is used to build websites and software, automate tasks and conduct data analysis.  Python can be used to create a variety of different programs. It is versatile and user-friendly and used for developing applications in machine learning and deep learning.


Scala is a coding language used by many front-end developers. It stands for Scalable Language. It has the features of functional programming and object-oriented programming. Scala can work with data architecture and cloud-based platforms and is therefore helpful if you want to develop mobile applications. Scala is a powerful language. It is a preferred choice these days. The demand for Scala developers has been exploding.


Java is extremely popular in fintech because of its enhanced security features and its cross-platform features. Java is designed to have very few implementation dependencies. It allows programmers to write it once and have it run anywhere. This means that Java code can run on any platform that supports Java. It is widely used in web and application development, big data and in hundreds of applications. Java is a complex language to learn. So, experienced developers with Java coding skills are in high demand.


C++ is an object-oriented programming used for creating large-scale applications. It is preferred by companies that value speed. A major advantage of C++ is that most legacy bank systems were built using it. C++ is a cross-platform language that can be used to create high-performance applications. C++ powers search engines, VR applications, air travel, movie production and much more.


JavaScript is a programming language that gives you the power to script complex features on web pages. It allows the creation of dynamic webpages and is popular in web development. So, if you are into app development (both mobile and desktop), you will need to learn JavaScript. Knowledge of JavaScript is widely in demand and all Fortune 500 companies hire JavaScript developers.


MATLAB is a language that specializes in mathematical operations. It allows quick coding and is attractive for a fast-moving market. Analysts used MATLAB to co-ordinate economic strategies. It can be used to analyze data, develop algorithms, create models and applications. It is used by engineers for deep learning and machine learning, signal processing and communications, image and video processing, control systems, test and measurement and for computational finance.


Ruby is a high-level programming language that emphasizes programming productivity and simplicity. Many programmers prefer Ruby because of its ease of use, speed and flexibility. It is easy to learn because of its human-friendly syntax. Ruby can be learnt quickly. It is mainly used to build web applications, data processing services and automation tools.


SQL stands for Structured Query Language and is used in finance when large amounts of data need to be processed. It is a language that is used to communicate with a database. It is used to perform tasks such as to update or retrieve data on a database. SQL can be used by financial analysts to find patterns in mountains of data and turn them into useful information.


Fintech is among the fastest-growing domains and people are investing a lot of time and effort in building their skill sets to service this sector.

The foundation for this has to be through a programming language when you want to be in any technological domain. Therefore, selecting the best programming language will enable you to stay at the top of your game and lead in the industry!

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