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It is commonly assumed that to be in the fintech industry, you need to be a techie. Normally fintech jobs are for developers,...

Non-Technical Fintech Jobs in 2023  

It is commonly assumed that to be in the fintech industry, you need to be a techie. Normally fintech jobs are for developers, data scientists and other technical roles. However, there are many non-technical roles that keep the fintech industry rolling. From customer service, marketing to operations and compliance, there are many roles that are key to the fintech industry and are in great demand. You need not necessarily be a computer wiz to be in fintech!

Table of Contents

  • Understanding fintech
  • Non-technical skills
  • Non-technical fintech Jobs
  • Outlook for non-technical fintech jobs in 2023

Understanding fintech

 Fintech is short for financial technology and involves the use of technology to automate, streamline and improve the delivery of financial services. So from apps that help you transfer money to those websites that give information about investments, it covers a wide range of products and services. In short, fintech companies use technology to make financial services, easy, accessible and user-friendly.

Non-technical skills

Some of the non-technical skills that are used by the fintech industry are listed below.

Analytical skills: Fintech is based heavily on data and therefore the ability to analyze and interpret data is a key skill used by the fintech industry. So irrespective of whether you are in           marketing or customer service or operations, analysis of data will help you deliver better on the job and help with decision-making.

Financial acumen: Since the fintech industry deals a lot with financial concepts and delivery, it is extremely critical that you are not just familiar but are good with financial acumen. Even though you are not directly in a finance-related role, you will need to have a good grasp on financial concepts to be able to work in the industry. 

Communication skills: Good communication is an essential skill in any industry but especially in fintech, it is important because the nature of the industry is fast-paced and changing quickly. The ability to communicate precisely and clearly will be a clear advantage. 

Problem-solving skills: Solving everyday challenges that the fintech industry is very prone to is a key skill as it is in any industry. Problems can arise in any form and the ability to solve them easily with a calm frame of mind will be crucial.

Collaborative skills: Collaboration with people from various departments is something that is essential in fintech because there are several facets to the fintech industry that demand intensive collaboration at work.

Adaptability and creativity: Adapting quickly to changing scenarios and adapting to situations emerging will be a very required skill in fintech. Also finding new ways to solve problems and thinking out of the box will help in many situations at work.

Non-technical fintech Jobs

The common non-technical fintech jobs that you are likely to find are:

Customer service representative

As a customer service representative, you may be required to address customer complaints and assist customers who have questions or concerns about the products/ services. There could be a wide range of issues from billing issues to inquiries that you may be required to handle. Apart from good listening skills, empathy and patience, you will require good technical/ financial knowledge to be able to handle customers effectively. You will also be the first point of contact for the customers with the company and hence excellent communication and service skills will be an asset.

Marketing manager

A marketing manager is directly responsible for planning, managing and executing a marketing campaign. Skills like the ability to develop a new product, and strong analytical and writing skills will be required. You should also be able to work under pressure and think outside the box. Good computer skills and the ability to multi-task will make you an indispensable part of the FinTech industry.

Product manager

A product manager will be required to develop and launch new products and ensure that they meet the needs of the customer. A strong business acumen along with good technical skills will help you understand the product, market and the competition. You will also be required to promote the product and ensure its success which requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

Human resources manager

Like every industry, the fintech industry also looks for strong people in the human resources space. As in all HR-related jobs, this person will be responsible for the entire employee lifecycle starting with recruitment and onboarding to training and development, benefits, payroll and also rewards and recognition. Good organizational skills along with technical knowledge of HR and a good ability to handle conflict will be an asset.

Project managers and business analysts

Project managers and business analysts with subject matter expertise will be required to direct technology teams. Even though they are not developers, these are people who can understand how technology impacts the big picture. Business analyst roles are more focused on a specific business area like finance and accounting. 

Legal, compliance, risk and audit officers

People in these roles will need knowledge of current regulations and compliance issues. These people are definitely not involved in the business or in producing revenue but are critical to the smooth running of the business. You will be required to be qualified in the specific role that you are being hired for be it legal, finance, risk mitigation or audit.

Outlook for non-technical fintech jobs in 2023

 The fintech industry is growing at a fast pace and offers exciting career opportunities. As described in this article, you could be a non-technical person and still have a rewarding fintech career. All you require is to be hard-working, realize your potential and make a difference in the industry. Fintech has a deep penetration in the financial services industry and therefore more and more career opportunities are emerging every day. Many of these careers are lucrative and worth pursuing irrespective of whether you are technically qualified or not.

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