Full Stack Engineers: Talent & Opportunity Mapping

Full-stack Engineers & Developers are one of the most in-demand talent pool. A full-stack engineer is responsible for running a project from start to finish via a combination of front-end web development and software development skills. As companies around the world are moving towards leaner teams, they are preferring to hire full-stack engineers over a resource responsible for each function. This allows them the flexibility in terms of skills availability, projects, and resource planning.

Due to end-to-end product ownership at the early stages, full-stack developers generally have a fast-tracked career path to becoming software and technical architects.

All industries, from startups to MNCs, are on the lookout for full-stack developers. As the start-up culture expands across the globe, the demand for full-stack talent continues to grow. This demand will continue to rise in the coming years for comprehensive software development with artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality and JavaScript language.

The talent pool is mostly concentrated in Bangalore, NCR region, Pune and Hyderabad with 65% of the overall talent pool from these areas. Bangalore constitutes roughly 30% of India’s full stack developer pool. A majority of the talent pool is employed by the ITES sector and captives with 4-6 years of experience.

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