In the process of developing business strategies and growing enterprises, it is important to pause....

In the process of developing business strategies and growing enterprises, it is important to pause momentarily and look at the road ahead. It is only then that we will get better clarity on emerging technology and trends. And it is only by knowing what’s coming that we can be better prepared to receive them and, hopefully, leverage them.


Table of Contents

  • The metaverse is here to stay
  • AI will rule
  • Web3 will be a gamechanger
  • You will now edit nature seamlessly
  • One digital and physical world
  • Green technology to tackle the climate crisis
  • The quantum computing leap
  • Human-like robots
  • The era of autonomous systems

As we look forward into 2023, here are the few top technology trends that are expected to lead and guide businesses onward.

1. The metaverse is here to stay

No matter how people describe the metaverse, or forecast what it can and will do, it is important to have a simple understanding of the term. The metaverse describes a wholesome internet experience where users can hang out and do multiple stuff – from socializing to working to buying and selling to playing!

Studies predict that the global economy will gain US $ 5 trillion by 2030, thanks to the metaverse. And 2023 will be a defining year that will propel the global economy and technology in this direction. Developments in 2023 are expected to define what happens to the metaverse in the next decade or so.

Working together, the collaborative aspect of teams, is expected to be nurtured and shaped by the metaverse. Microsoft and Nvidia are leading the way; they have created digital platforms for collaboration.

Resultantly, artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) are going to grow in significance and impact. Foresee a near future where your digital avatar can represent you in the metaverse even if you are not physically online!

AR and VR are expected to help conduct onboarding and training programs for new hires. Accenture already has started doing this with their metaverse creation, the Nth floor. New joinees and HR teams collaborate on meeting HR requirements without even being physically present in the office.

Metaverse Jobs in 2023:

Software Developers

3D Artists and Animators

UX Designers


2. AI will rule

No-code AI, with its drag-and-drop features, will help companies create more products and services through 2023 and beyond.

Additionally, AI will help businesses and customers alike in engaging with each other. Contactless shopping and delivery have already become a reality. Clothes can be fitted and stitched to customized preferences using AI-generated algorithms.

Buy-online-pick-up-at-curbside (BOPAC), buy-online-pick-up-instore (BOPIS) and buy-online-return-instore (BORIS) are AI trends that are soon to become standards through 2023.

AI Jobs in 2023:

Data Scientists

Software Engineers

Product Managers

3. Web3 will be a gamechanger

Blockchain technology will lead innovations in Web3.

We are currently storing information on the cloud. But with blockchain technology, we will be able to encrypt data and decentralize storage. This will make data safer and simpler and secure to access.

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) will enhance the Web3 experience. For instance, when you buy an NFT concert ticket you will not only experience the show but also have the opportunity to experience what’s happening backstage and with the performers.

Web3 Jobs in 2023:

Blockchain Engineer

Metaverse Developer

Blockchain Architect

Project Manager

UX Developer

4. You will now edit nature seamlessly

In 2023, gene editing technology is expected to leap forward. You will now edit nature seamlessly and alter DNA using toolkits like CRISPR-Cas9. This means that just as you can edit a Word document, by taking some words out and replacing them with others, you can do the same with genes. Gene editing can help improve the health of crops, reduce food allergies, correct DNA mutations and even edit physical human traits like hair and eye color.

5. One digital and physical world

3D printing and digital twin technology are to act as a bridge between the digital and physical worlds in 2023. This will virtually make it one comprehensive world.

Digital twins are virtual simulations of physical processes – these can be tested safely and securely in the digital world. These processes may pertain to products or services in the real, physical, world.

In 2023, most real-world processes are likely to find digital twins. Watch out for trends in healthcare, automobile manufacturing, machinery production and factory operations.

Once new ideas are tested virtually using the digital twin methodology, they can be printed in the real world using 3D printing technology.

3D Printing and Digital Twin Technology Jobs in 2023:

2D & 3D Designer 

Robotic Engineers

6. Green technology to tackle the climate crisis

Watch for news and updates on green hydrogen during 2023. This is a new energy source that has a clean-burning quality to it. It produces zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Also look for developments around decentralized power grids. The future belongs to a distributed energy generation model that is housed in communities or individual homes. This way, even if the main grid is unavailable, consumers get continuous access to power. This model decreases carbon emissions significantly and democratizes the power sector globally.

7. The quantum computing leap

Subatomic particles are used in quantum computing. This has led to the creation of new ways to store and process information. As the new age of quantum computing unfolds in 2023, expect processing speeds to be several trillion times faster than traditional processors that are in vogue today.

Quantum computing has a dangerous downside though. When this technology takes a leap, it can drown all the encryption practices that are prevalent today. So, nations that surge forward with quantum computing can break the encryption of other nations, corporations and security agencies. For this reason too, this space will be keenly watched in 2023.

Quantum Computing Jobs in 2023:

Software Engineer

Quantum Algorithm Engineer

Quantum Use-Case Developer

Quantum Compiler Developer

8. Human-like robots

Robots will become more human-like in 2023. This will happen at two levels. In appearance and in abilities. You will find these human-like robots at human experience points as bartenders, restaurant waiters, support caregivers for senior citizens and as concierges at hotels and serviced apartments. Robot butlers will soon be able to water plants or handle some heavy lifting chores around your home.

Human-like Robots Industry Jobs in 2023:

Data analysts

Machine learning specialists

Robotics engineers

9. The era of autonomous systems

Self-driving cars and trucks have been gaining attention over the last couple of years. But in 2023, expect the logistics and delivery business to demonstrate more autonomous systems at play. Visibly.  More and more factories, retail warehouses and delivery companies are expected to have autonomous systems. Which is, there will be human supervision but the actual work will be done autonomously through a system, using robots.

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