In recent times, while hiring takes a breather, recruitment has become more strategic and data-driven.

Top-up skills for recruiters in 2024

In recent times, while hiring takes a breather, recruitment has become more strategic and data-driven. 

Working on your skills is KEY! So when recruitment picks back up after the lull, you’re not starting from square one.

To become a talent specialist in 2024, you must be:

A great communicator

A strategic thinker

A data whiz 

and much more…

Certain skills and capabilities can give recruiters an edge in the evolving job market. Here are the top-up skills to master in 2024. 

Extend your Expressions digitally

In today’s hyper-connected world, the influence of personal branding cannot be overstated. 

LinkedIn, the ultimate professional hub, lets recruiters showcase their expertise and personality daily. 

Each post and online interaction becomes a part of your digital footprint. 

Plus, creating content and networking can help you:

  • Expand your pool of candidates
  • Source effectively for hard-to-fill positions
  • Activate passive job seekers.

Automation and AI Tools 

AI tools like ChatGPT and resume-parsing software like ATS have become more accessible and adaptable for recruiters. These can optimise your time, allowing more focus on the human side of recruiting. 

However, ethical considerations are important when bringing AI and automation into candidate sourcing and outreach. 

These tools are not yet immune to built-in biases, so it’s important to leverage them with critical thinking and empathy. Validate the output with your ability to question biases for fair and impactful recruitment!

Data literacy

Data literacy has become non-negotiable in recruitment. 

Recruiters must be fluent with:

  • Market compensation data
  • Candidate data from diverse job platforms 

Working with data analytics tools for TA insights can help build an efficient and objective recruitment process. It also empowers you to create a seamless candidate experience.

VMS and Recruitment Modules 

Say, you’re working on a high-volume hiring project for a rapidly growing tech company.

Without a VMS, managing numerous vendors, tracking candidate submissions, and ensuring compliance with various company policies and industry regulations can quickly become overwhelming.

VMS and Recruitment Modules are like trusty assistants for recruiters that can help them navigate hiring complexities with ease. 

Recruitment modules like ATS allow you to manage candidate pipelines. Knowledge of this tool can help you collaborate seamlessly with hiring managers, and ensure that no promising candidate falls through the cracks.

Question. Empathise. Educate.

Recruiters wield a mighty responsibility. We deal with people’s livelihoods. 

Asking insightful questions, understanding needs and offering guidance ensures a more compassionate and informed recruitment journey. 

Competent recruiters educate clients on market trends and advise them on enhancing JD for better pull. 

When it comes to candidates, you have to:

  • Probe them to understand their career journeys and aspirations
  • Spot adjacent and transferable skillsets
  • Connect during their pre-joining period
  • Spot and resolve conflicts and concerns early on

Hence, your ability to communicate becomes crucial in fostering trust and delivering value. 

Because it’s not just about filling roles; it’s about understanding career journeys and impacting lives positively.

Here’s to a joyous and impactful 2024 for all recruiters!

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