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D2C, or direct-to-customer, is a fast-growing industry where brands are selling directly to the customer.....

What are the Trends that will Shape D2C E-Commerce in 2022?

D2C, or direct-to-customer, is a fast-growing industry where brands are selling directly to the customer. It supports quick growth, easy scaling, better profits and better market penetration. There is no slowing and the industry is growing at a scorching pace thanks to changing consumer behavior and better penetration of the internet. Business owners need to be aware of the trends in the ever-changing e-commerce industry and adapt and follow them. What are the trends in 2022?

Table of Contents

  • Social commerce
  • Mobile commerce
  • Buy now pay later
  • Loyalty programs
  • Focused branding
  • Community building
  • Personalized customer experience
  • Good payment gateways

Social commerce

The exponential growth of social media platforms and users has led to the shrinking of the e-commerce selling process. Right from finding a product to buying it online is done through social media platforms. Customers prefer this because it gives them an opportunity to directly interact with brands. It is also believed that the more customers are satisfied with their interactions with a brand on social media, they are more likely to purchase the product/ service. So if you have not started social selling or selling on social media, you are probably missing the bus!

Mobile commerce

Mobile commerce is all about promoting and selling products through the mobile device. People carry mobiles with them wherever they go and keep checking them constantly for messages and also for staying in touch on social media. Promotions through messaging apps like WhatsApp where messages on discounts, sales and special offers enable the sale of products through the mobile device. It is also understood that many people use the mobile device to make purchases of products and hence mobile commerce maybe a great way to reach your customers.

Buy now pay later

This is a method where customers can immediately purchase the product and enjoy using it. The payments are done in small, low-cost EMIs (equated monthly instalments) without them having to pay the entire cost of the product upfront. This is done mostly though financing companies whose business it is to offer these financing options. Tying up with such companies will help you offer a seamless shopping experience as well as flexibility during checkout.

Loyalty programs

In e-commerce, it has been noticed that the cost of acquiring new customers is high and a good way to reduce it is to offer loyalty programs that will offer customers benefits and retain them and allow them to make repeated purchases. Benefits and rewards can be anything ranging from cash back offers, discounts and coupons for the next purchase for loyalty program members. These members end up spending more money than non-members according to studies and stick to buying from a specific brand, thus reducing the cost of acquiring new customers in e-commerce.

Focused branding

Most customers research on a product online before purchasing it and what stands out in the clutter is a strong brand. Your D2C brand must be strong which will help in growing sales. When the focus on branding is right, you get good leads and conversions. The branding must be focused to reach the correct audience who will in turn become your customers.

Community building

Online groups, communities and forums are very useful to keep customers engaged. Many D2C brands use this approach to interact and engage with target audiences. These forums give customers a chance to voice their concerns and queries and seek answers. When they are convinced, they are more likely to make a purchase. These forums also act as powerful mediums through which recommendations from other group members are taken quite seriously and promote a quick purchase. For instance, a group which has aging people may discuss grooming and challenges relating to aging skin and hair. This may promote the members to go for personal care products that are targeted for their age group. There are many D2C brands selling specific formulations for aging people.

Personalized customer experience

A D2C brand relies heavily on the online space to sell their products. However, sometimes, a direct and personal touch helps build a strong bond with a customer in a physical space. Pop-ups in malls, airports or other retail spaces helps not only the possibility of a customer experiencing the product but also helps to build interest and recall for the brand instantly. Some D2C brands also set up strategic “experience centres” for their brands where customers can get a first-hand experience of the brand.

Good payment gateways

Good payment gateways make the process of checking out after a purchase easy and painless for the customer. Ensure that you have tied up with the right payment gateways that offer security and are easy to use. Some of these payment gateways have good bank offers and EMI options to benefit customers and therefore an informed choice of a good payment gateway can help your customers.

In conclusion

D2C offers exciting growth opportunities for new brands and also new trends. It is important to follow the trends in e-commerce and ensure that your brand is right on top. When you pay great attention to the customer’s journey with your brand, you can begin to serve them beyond the purchase.

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