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CTOs at Fintech - Research Study

CTOs at Fintech!

CTOs have always been a demographically interesting lot due to the widely varying career tracks that bring them to the CTO seat. Despite the differences in pedigree and circle of influence in their current roles, the term “CTO” evoked an almost homogeneous image – an image of a techie head honcho managing IT in a non-IT business. Despite the innumerous CTO seats in pure-blood IT organizations, the CTO title still sets apart the individual from the other ‘techies’ in the organization. The image of the CTO is undergoing a massive shift, thanks to the new-age startups built on Technology as a pivot. The role and titles are evolving to establish the circle of influence expected out of the role. Creative titling like “CEO-IT” can today be seen on profiles and who-is-who of organisations.

We decided to do a dipstick study on the demographics of current day CTOs and picked an industry based cohort to work with. This Dipstick is a study of CTO profiles in 200 Indian Fintech Companies.



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