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How to make a career in the Web 3.o space

Web3, Crypto, Metaverse, the three buzzwords that you cannot seem to escape over social media. Once you get into that social sphere, be ready to find a wave of tweets and videos suggesting you to invest in Web3, Cryptocurrency and other blockchain technologies. But something that usually gets overlooked in these discussions is to invest in skills, which might not be the easiest but the safest bet. 

Data Science and Web Development are fields that have always been lucrative in a world going digital. But as the internet upgrades to a decentralized future, these skills attain a new value in the market. We are here to discuss why Web3 matters, and how you can become a Web3 data Scientist or Web Developer, and step into other technical fields.

Get to know: 

  • What is Web3.0
  • What is metaverse
  • What are NFTs and Cryptocurrency
  • What is the difference between Web3 and the Metaverse
  • Careers in demand in Web3 and the Metaverse
  • Skills needed to become a Web3.0 Developer

What’s the hype about? 

Before we go into discussing about jobs in the Metaverse, let’s get through some quick definitions for the important terms: 

What is Web3.0?

Web3.0, built on Blockchain, aims to decentralize the infrastructure of the internet. Web3.0 technologies such as crypto, NFTs and DAOs aim to take over the Web 2.0 setup of centralized, cloud based servers. It aims to take the control of data away from the few tech giants and give it back to end-users

What is metaverse?

Metaverse, however, is a wider concept that aims to build a layered interface of the internet that would include both centralized and decentralized infrastructure. The Web3.0 technologies promise a similar vision of decentralization, but the formation of the metaverse goes far beyond that. It aims to create an immersive virtual experience on the internet using virtual and augmented reality. 

What are NFTs and Cryptocurrency?

NFTs and Crypto are promising financial assets (or so they are made out to be) that gained mainstream popularity because of media coverage through celebrities and brands. These technologies have considerable social capital and financial investments in the present day. The New York Times reported that last year saw $27 Billion investment into Web3 startups globally, most of them working with cryptocurrency or NFTs. 

What is the difference between Web3 and the Metaverse?

To understand the difference, let’s go back to the web origins. The Web started as an open network where you could buy, own and manage your own domains and the underlying data. But in its evolution data has become controlled by a few big corporations like Meta, Microsoft and Google. Web 3.0 is a movement to put the internet data ownership back in the end-user’s hands. Websites and applications would get distributed among different devices through hundreds of nodes, each one getting hosted by the computer devices owned by that individual group. 

Metaverse similarly provides identity management and database services to web applications, but along with that, it constructs spaces that mix the physical and the digital, hence creating an immersive experience for the users. In addition to building an open-source network as in Web 3.0, Metaverse uses converging aspects of AI, VR, AR (Augmented reality), social media and online gaming that allows users to create virtual properties, applications and avatars of their own. 

Developers, designers, and data analysts in demand at the Metaverse. 

Metaverse has created a demand for techies to help businesses be a part of the future rendition of the internet. The top tech giants like Microsoft, and Meta were already trying to usher in the Metaverse to get the early adopter advantage. Now startups in Ecommerce, IT products, and Fintech are actively seeking IT specialists skilled in AI, VR, AR, NFT technologies and distributed computing. 

IT services and business process management are the leading industries dipping toes in the Metaverse. Proliferation of these industries along with a movement towards digitisation of business and financial services has created great demand for Blockchain and crypto products and services and opened great tech-skills avenues in the metaverse space. 

Xpheno conducted research over the job market of future skills. According to the data gathered, over 13K active job openings are available in the blockchain, crypto and crypto linked domains as of March 2022.


There are various Indian firms emerging as important Web3 infra providers. And India is also leading the wave of Web3.0 tech experts. This, adding to the current shortage of crypto talent around the world, proves that it’s a great time to invest in future niche tech skills.

Here goes some career fields that have seen great growth in demand in the metaverse space. 

Careers in demand in Web3 and the Metaverse


1. Software engineers

With the development of new AR platforms creating new ways of connecting on the internet, companies would have to deal with tons of data going beyond web searches. Experts in data storage, distributed computing, information retrieval, AI, Machine Learning, and large scale system design would be sought-after by these companies. SME Engineers, Software Engineers, and Architects would therefore be among the proliferating future jobs.

Along with this, knowledge of gaming, WebAR, WebGL, XR Cloud technologies and Android technologies like Native and Java FreeRTOS and Embedded Linux would also be great in demand

2. Blockchain engineers and developers

Blockchain engineers and developers work with blockchain platforms to create digital assets for the companies. Big tech corps as well as emerging startups are getting invested in the metaverse and Web 3 ecosystem. Facebook, rebranded as Meta, has especially been heavily involved in building crypto assets and introducing them into the Metaverse. This positions Blockchain specialists as a highly desirable profile. They will have to work with software Engineers to design and implement software and manage software systems. 

Skills needed to become a Web3.0 Developer

Web3 Developers create de-centralised apps using blockchain architecture and protocol. Similar to a Web 2 developer, they too perform the front-end and back-end processes of development, but using the blockchain technologies like Etherium. 

To become a Blockchain Software Developer or a Core Blockchain Developer, strong programming skills and a good understanding of the Blockchain ecosystems are a necessity. You can begin with understanding and implementing Blockchain wallets, Smart Contracts and Solidity, and later move on to know Etherium APIs like Web3.js and Ether.js and IDEs like Remix that get used for testing the Solidity code. 

You can also be a part of the developing community on networking websites and social media. Be a part of the conversation around Blockchain and Ethereum to grow your skills. 

Other career fields that have seen a considerable increase in demand are as follows:

3. Data Analysts

As the Web3 expands, companies would require skilled data analysts to deal with the Web3 data. Although having knowledge of SQL, APIs and Databases is a necessity, Web3 data analysts would have to get equipped with Web3 tools and different protocols in the ever-changing ecosystem. 

4. 3D Game designers

VR games are a crucial part of the Metaverse, which causes a huge demand for Game designers who are good at designing, developing and shipping these games. Game designers would get involved in various processes of game development, creating personalized designs of products and virtual avatars for users, along with executing and providing feedback to resolve issues in the process of game development.

5. 3D and UI/UX Designers

3D Graphic designers and UX/UI designers would enable creating an immersive user experience that Metaverse strives to create. They would collaborate to help create personalized Avatars and other metaverse products that enhance the virtual experience for the user.

6. Financial Analysts and NFT strategist

They say knowledge is power, that is definitely the case with NFTs and cryptocurrency. Booming Fintech industries would be on the lookout for Financial Analysts and NFT strategists to help build NFT programs using blockchain technologies. Strategists would analyze industry trends to find opportunities for creating interactive user experiences, creating strategies around NFT concepts and gamification.

7. Product managers

A Product Manager is someone who decides business objectives and defines goals for a product. Good understanding of the user and the competitive market. Product Managers in the Metaverse would have a deep understanding of the metaverse. They would be guiding to enhance social experiences using Virtual reality, expanding the presence through product marketing, looking for the scope for improvements. 

Hence, Web 3 and the Metaverse are growing spaces that have made a strong potential for skilled talent in emerging diverse domains. Find out more on the important future skills on the horizon and companies to help you harvest these skills here


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