Top Logistics Companies in India

All the ‘same-day deliveries,’ ‘express deliveries,’ ’15-minute grocery deliveries,’ and ‘eCommerce product deliveries’ are the byproducts of a robust logistics and supply chain ecosystem that connects a nation, a business, and consumers. The logistics industry in India plays a major role in enabling domestic trade and commerce in a country as geographically large, diverse, and spread out as ours.

Logistics companies in India have been growing exponentially and are projected to contribute 30% to all logistics-related revenue in India by 2025. Third-party logistics is seldom restricted to transportation; it involves inventory management, supply chain management, shipping, warehousing, manifest mapping, real-time tracking, and more.

For instance, in the eCommerce landscape, after an order is placed, logistics firms take care of the manifestation of the order, AWB (airway bills) generation, pick up, cargo, and delivery of the order to the customer. In some cases, eCommerce ventures rely on logistics players to store inventory, both before placing an order and during the shipment of an order. 

In this regard, which are the top 10 Indian logistics companies?

1. Blue Dart

A household name for logistics and shipping, Blue Dart is a Mumbai-based logistics giant that delivers across 36,000 pin codes in India and over 225 countries worldwide. They connect India with the world by providing services, including cash-on-delivery, automated proof of delivery, weather-resistant packaging, express delivery, and time/slot-based delivery.

Company Name Blue Dart Express Limited
Founded November 1983
Headquarters Mumbai
Customer service 1860 233 1234


2. Aegis Logistics Ltd

A leader in offering logistics and supply chain management services and solutions to India’s leading oil, gas, and chemical industries, Aegis Logistics Ltd provides chemical storage, the transportation of liquefied petroleum gas, and makes and distributes oleochemicals like kerosene.

Company Name Aegis Logistics Ltd
Founded June 1956
Headquarters Mumbai
Contact Number +91 22 6666 3666


3. Allcargo Logistics

As the name suggests, Allcargo Logistics is a leader in providing many logistics services, including less than container load, non-vessel operating common carrier, and full container load. They also offer container freight terminals throughout India, 3PL(third-party logistics), inland container depots, ship ownership, warehousing, and chartering services for companies in India.

Company Name Allcargo Logistics
Founded August 1993
Headquarters Mumbai
Contact Number +91-22-66798100

4. Mahindra Logistics

Offering internal and external clients’ logistical services, they offer incoming and outbound logistics, inter-plant movement, warehousing, and line feed services. Furthermore, they provide People Transport Solutions, custom-designed services for employee transportation from and to work. Assuring on-time pickup and drop while emphasizing safety, comfort, and security is their USP.

Company Name Mahindra Logistics
Founded 2000
Headquarters Mumbai
Contact Number +91-22-66798100

5. TCI Express Ltd

A leading integrated logistics and supply chain provider, TCI express has 3000 pickup locations and 13,000 delivery locations and operates in 200 countries. The company offers transportation, storage, warehousing, transportation support, and express delivery services.

Company Name TCI Express LTD
Founded 1996
Headquarters Haryana
Contact Number +91 1242384090

6. Gati Limited

Established in 1989, Gati has redefined the logistics and supply chain play in India with its repertoire of services and solutions. Currently, Gati delivers complete express distribution and customized supply chain solutions to clients across the country. With a fleet of 5000 vehicles on the road in India and over 7000 associate businesses for shipment fulfillment, they are arguably the largest logistics player in the country.

Company Name Gati Limited
Founded 1989
Headquarters Telangana
Contact Number +91 4071204284

7. Delhivery Ecommerce Logistics

When it comes to e-commerce logistics, Delhivery is the first organization that comes to mind. They handle e-commerce logistics for 7,500+ brands across the country and offer services, including hyperlocal delivery, cash-on-delivery models, high-value and heavy-duty delivery, and more.

Company Name Delhivery Ecommerce Logistics
Founded 2011
Headquarters Telangana
Contact Number +91 4071204284

8. Ekart Logistics:

Originally established as a Flipkart initiative for logistics, it has now grown to provide eCommerce logistics for many brands. With over 3800 Pincode locations, real-time tracking with the help of the Ekart tracking API and same-day delivery, and COD services, they are a strong e-commerce logistics player.

Company Name Ekart Logistics
Founded 2009
Headquarters Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Contact Number +91 800 208 9898

9. VRL Logistics Ltd

Established in 1976, VRL Logistics is involved in transporting commodities and passengers. The company provides domestic freight transportation, bus operations, power sales, and air charter services. Further, they provide less-than-truckload (LTL) services for general and priority parcels and serve fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), textiles, clothes, furniture, metal and metal products, and automotive parts industries.

Company Name VRL Logistics Ltd
Founded 1976
Headquarters Hubballi
Contact Number +91 8362237511

10. Shadowfax for e-commerce logistics

Shadowfax handles logistics for hundreds of brands internationally and domestically. Providing marketplace and warehouse pickups and in-transit storage options for first-mile and last-mile delivery, they cater to 7000+ pin codes for delivery.


Company Name Shadowfax for e-commerce logistics
Founded 2015
Headquarters Bengaluru, Karnataka
Contact Number +91 8068172518


This list is by no means an exhaustive list of the top logistics companies in India. Today, logistics have been impacted by data, supply chain knowledge, artificial intelligence, and predictive models, among other things requiring logistics companies to attract and retain top talent. 

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People also ask:

When should you invest in the logistics sector?

Investing in the logistics sector can be profitable when the economy is growing, and there is an increase in trade and commerce. With the growth of e-commerce, logistics companies are likely to see an increase in demand for their services. Moreover, government initiatives such as Make in India and the development of infrastructure are expected to boost the logistics sector in India. However, as with any investment, it’s important to conduct thorough research and analysis before making any investment decisions.

What kind of dividend yields do logistics stocks offer?

The dividend yield of logistics stocks may vary depending on the company’s financial performance, dividend policy, and other factors. However, logistics companies generally offer a decent dividend yield, which is often higher than the average yield of the broader market. It’s important to note that dividend yields are not the only factor to consider when investing in stocks, and investors should also consider other financial metrics and the overall market conditions.

How should you value logistics companies?

There are several methods to value logistics companies, including the discounted cash flow (DCF) model, price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio, price-to-sales (P/S) ratio, and enterprise value-to-EBITDA (EV/EBITDA) ratio. Each method has its own strengths and weaknesses, and investors may choose the method that best suits their investment objectives and risk tolerance. It’s also important to consider qualitative factors such as the company’s competitive position, management quality, and industry outlook when valuing logistics companies.

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