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Many people prefer jobs in Tech companies because they pay well. They are also considered the coolest places to work in...

Jobs in Tech for Non-Techies in 2023

Many people prefer jobs in Tech companies because they pay well. They are also considered the coolest places to work in. The tech sector needs scores of people to help with production and servicing their products. They also need a lot of people to help with the non-technical aspects of the business. This is great news for non-techies and creative folks.

Table of Contents

  • Product Marketing
  • Project Manager
  • Sales Development
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Research Analyst

Here are some roles in tech companies for non-techies:

Product Marketing

Product marketing is all about introducing a product to the market, developing strategies to promote it and find ways to sell it to customers. You must have a good understanding of the target market for the product and deploy strategic messaging to boost the demand for the product and therefore the revenue of the company. Product marketers are responsible for positioning, pricing and branding of a product. Product marketers tell the customers the story of how the product can solve their problems. They develop strategies to acquire, engage and retain customers. The rapid pace at which technological innovations are growing has increased the demand for marketers who can protect these innovative products. This is one of the fastest growing fields that have the most job vacancies today.

Project Manager

A project manager manages all the tasks related to a particular project. They will determine the scope, budget and timeline for a project. They will organize schedules and co-ordinate the team to deliver. They will also be responsible for communicating with stakeholders. Project managers must have industry knowledge, be good with communication and relationship building. They must also be good with project management methodologies and organization. They typically hold a Bachelor’s degree in business administration, project management or business intelligence. 

Sales Development

Sales development is a process where a sales lead is identified and processed for further development. Low-quality leads need to be filtered out so that the gap between marketing and sales is bridged. A sales development person will scrutinize the lead brought in by the marketing person and ensure that it is ready for the next step. A person in sales development has to focus on outreach, prospecting, and lead qualification. Further, they have to move the lead through the sales pipeline. These people need to have good conversation skills, good product knowledge, good organization, and time management. They also need to have good resilience and determination. A Bachelor’s degree in sales, marketing, business or related fields is good to have.

Human Resources

A good Human Resources department is critical to any business irrespective of the nature of work they are involved in. They play the most important role of nurturing and supporting the most important and valuable asset in the company, namely the people that work there. They work on various issues that directly involve people like recruitment, onboarding, training, compensation and benefits. A HR specialist will need to have a Bachelor’s degree in HR and any other business management degrees. They will also have to deal with complex employment laws, benefits and healthcare coverage through insurance and so on.


The role of a finance specialist is to analyze sales and profit data. They are responsible for all the financial transactions and manage income and expenses. They will be required to prepare cash flow statements, budgeting and taxation. They will also have to develop ways in which to reduce costs and spending so that profits can be maximized. They will typically have to be qualified in Finance and have a Master’s degree.

Customer Satisfaction

A person working on customer satisfaction will have to predict customer challenges and questions proactively and find solutions for them. They will have to implement customer success practices that increase customer happiness and retention. This will generate revenue and boost customer loyalty. To be a customer success specialist, you will be required to have the skills of conflict resolution, ability and foresight to manage expectations, listening and understanding and the efficient use of IT tools.

Social Media Specialist

A Social Media specialist is entrusted with monitoring, executing, filtering and measuring the effects of social media marketing and the presence of a product, brand, corporate or individual. They will create and implement brand promotions and marketing campaigns across social media platforms. They will also be responsible for producing new content for social media platforms, coming up with new innovations, ideas and plans. Most companies do have budgets for social media advertising and hence the Social Media Specialist will have to plan and use the budgets effectively. They will also have to maintain the online reputation of their employer and maintain quick response time and service. They must possess good communication, research and search engine optimization (SEO) skills.

Research Analyst

A market research Analyst is a business expert who will have to understand the market and understand different sets of products or individuals and translate business related information to their clients. They write a report of their findings in a spreadsheet. These are about business opportunities, details about the nature of a market, areas where a product or service will thrive customer’s needs and factors that can influence sales. They must have the ability to multitask, cope with pressure and the ability to use software solutions. 

In conclusion, the tech industry offers numerous job opportunities for individuals without a technical background. Roles such as project management, marketing, and customer service are in high demand and can lead to successful careers in the field. With the continuous growth and expansion of technology, the demand for these non-technical positions is expected to increase. So, if you have a passion for technology and an interest in non-technical roles, consider exploring the various opportunities the tech industry has to offer.

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